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Assess the Damage

Removal of loose granite

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Preserving the original

Have a chip or a scratch? Or possibly something much worse? Not only does the cost of replacing an item far outreach the cost of a repair, there is no guarantee that material will be available, match or that additional damage is not created in the process of replacement. So skip the long wait and high cost of replacement and get a greater return on investment with a repair.


I have an unwavering philosophy of caring for the repair.

Repair Philosophy

Grind it Smooth

Due to water damage the surface must be leveled

I believe and understand all jobs are important and have great value. My philosophy is to never let them be anything but the best. I work to revive—not replace—by breathing new life into your areas of need.

SYnthetic surface Repair

Color Match

Great attention to detail is taken to match the fills with the original stone

Polish it

Once filled, the final polish is applied in order to match seamlessly with the original

Money saved without replacement


Anything from nicks, scratches, gouges, water marks and other blemishes - Sometimes, a touch-up is all you need.



Matching or duplicating almost any finish - so in most cases you have many options. I also specialize in custom painted finishes, blending my own colors to the specific job requirements.