Fiberglass shower wall damaged due to oversized hole from plumber

Broken vinyl window frame

Deck refinish due to sun damage

Misdrilled holes in travertine shower tiles

Large chip at acrylic tub

32in Crack in travertine hearth

Large chip at acrylic tub

24in Crack at granite countertop due to water damage

Stone and Tile Repairs

12in Scratch at elevator panel

Damage at baseboard from dog

Stained floor from nail polish remover

Scratch removal at stainless steel cook top due to improper cleaning

Crack at concrete plinth

Misdrilled holes in banquet doors

48in Gap in cultured marble at tub deck

Broken spindle at stair case

Gap removal at aluminum door frame

Repair color and finish due to water damage

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Other Repairs

Wood Repairs

Before & After

SYnthetic surface Repair

Faux finish hardware to match door



Large break at granite end table

14in Scratch in wood floor due to dishwasher install

Large chip in porcelain tile